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Shadow Full Movie Tamil Download Movies

Shadow Full Movie Tamil Movies - A Review

Shadow is a 2013 Telugu action thriller film directed by Meher Ramesh and starring Venkatesh, Tapsee, Srikanth and Madhurima in the lead roles. The film was dubbed into Tamil and released as Shadow in 2020. The film revolves around Rajaram, a young man who seeks revenge on Nana Bhai, a ruthless crime lord who killed his father and destroyed his family. Rajaram assumes the identity of Shadow, a mysterious vigilante who hunts down Nana Bhai's gang members one by one. He also crosses paths with Prathap, a tough cop who is also after Nana Bhai. The film is a typical masala entertainer with high-octane action sequences, comedy, romance and drama.


Rajaram (Venkatesh) is the son of Raghuram (Nagababu), an investigative journalist who infiltrates the criminal organisation of Nana Bhai (Aditya Pancholi) and gathers evidence against his illegal activities. He hands over the evidence to CP (Shayaji Shinde), a newspaper publisher who exposes Nana Bhai's crimes to the public. Nana Bhai gets enraged and orders his men to kill Raghuram and his family. Rajaram manages to escape from the carnage and vows to take revenge on Nana Bhai. He grows up under the guidance of Baba (Nasser), a former associate of Nana Bhai who turned against him. Rajaram becomes a powerful young man who assumes the identity of Shadow, a mysterious vigilante who starts hunting down Nana Bhai's gang members one by one.

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Meanwhile, Prathap (Srikanth) is a tough cop who is transferred to Hyderabad to take charge of the crime branch. He is also after Nana Bhai and his gang, but he faces resistance from the corrupt police officers who are on Nana Bhai's payroll. Prathap also has a personal vendetta against Nana Bhai, as he killed his father, a honest police officer who tried to arrest him. Prathap meets Madhubala (Madhurima), a journalist who works for CP's newspaper and falls in love with her.

Rajaram also meets Chitra (Tapsee), a bubbly girl who works as an event manager and falls in love with her. Chitra is unaware of Rajaram's true identity and thinks that he is a simple and innocent guy. Rajaram also befriends Madhubala, who helps him in his mission as Shadow. Rajaram and Prathap cross paths several times, leading to friction and misunderstanding between them. However, they soon realise that they have a very strong connection with each other. What is that connection? Who is Prathap? Will Shadow succeed in his mission? That forms the rest of the story.


  • Venkatesh as Rajaram / Shadow

  • Tapsee as Chitra

  • Srikanth as Prathap

  • Madhurima as Madhubala

  • Aditya Pancholi as Nana Bhai

  • Nagababu as Raghuram

  • Nasser as Baba

  • Shayaji Shinde as CP

  • M.S Narayana as Jilebi

  • Srinivas Reddy as Chitra's friend

  • Dharmavarapu Subramanyam as Madhubala's father

  • Jaya Prakash Reddy as Home Minister

  • Sayaji Shinde as Police Commissioner


Shadow is a typical commercial potboiler that caters to the mass audience. The film has all the elements of a masala entertainer - action, comedy, romance, drama and suspense. The film does not have any novelty or logic in its plot, but it relies on the star power of Venkatesh and the glamour of Tapsee to keep the audience engaged. The film has some impressive action sequences, especially the climax fight between Venkatesh and Aditya Pancholi. The film also has some comic relief provided by M.S Narayana and Srinivas Reddy. The film has some catchy songs composed by S Thaman, such as Shadow, Gola Gola and Naughty Girl. The film also has some decent cinematography by Prasad Murella and editing by Marthand K. Venkatesh.

However, the film also has many drawbacks that hamper its overall impact. The film has a weak and predictable storyline that is full of cliches and loopholes. The film has a poor screenplay that lacks coherence and logic. The film has some unnecessary and boring scenes that drag the pace of the film. The film has some over-the-top and unrealistic action scenes that defy the laws of physics. The film has some mediocre performances by some of the supporting actors, such as Aditya Pancholi, Shayaji Shinde and Sayaji Shinde. The film has some poor dialogues that are either cheesy or vulgar. The film has some forced and artificial romance between Venkatesh and Tapsee. The film has some poor direction by Meher Ramesh, who fails to extract the best out of his cast and crew.

Overall, Shadow is a film that can be watched only for Venkatesh's charisma and Tapsee's glamour. The film is a mindless entertainer that does not offer anything new or exciting to the audience. The film is a one-time watch for the fans of Venkatesh and masala movies.




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